Dealing with the human side of separation

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Many of the issues that family lawyers deal with are personal problems, rather than strictly legal ones:

  • Where will my children live?
  • Will I have to sell the family home?
  • Can I keep my small business?

A good family law practitioner will be able to grasp the human dynamics at play, and will work with you to solve problems rather than to escalate conflict.

Unfortunately, the breakdown of a relationship usually involves some tension and conflict. It is regrettable, then, if the legal process itself increases that conflict.

Part of the role of an effective family lawyer is to steer you through to the other side of your family law issue – be it a divorce, property settlement or parenting matter – as painlessly as possible, and hopefully with your important relationships intact.

It is possible for separating spouses to work together co-operatively to find joint solutions. This process may be a formal one, through Collaborative Practice, or it may be achieved simply by finding a family lawyer who takes a collaborative, rather than an adversarial, approach.

A more collaborative, less adversarial, approach can often save you money. More importantly, it will save you the high emotional costs of court proceedings.

An experienced family lawyer can advise you about options for resolving your dispute through collaborative practice.