Our Fees

Initial consultation

We offer an initial consultation for a reduced rate of $175.00.

This first consultation usually takes 1 to 2 hours. Most people, without feeling pressured by time, can tell us about their family situation and receive family law advice from us in that period of time.

Our solicitors will explain the application of Family Law in your circumstances and also explain what options are open to you to resolve your legal problems.

Sometimes, an initial consultation is all that is required, and at other times, the client might choose to engage a lawyer. Clients who see us for an initial consultation are under no obligation to retain our firm.

Professional fees

Our professional fees are very competitive.

Being located on the outskirts of the city rather than in the Brisbane CBD, our overheads are lower than similar-sized city firms. This allows us to pass on the savings by way of reasonable fees.

Extended payment terms

In some particular circumstances, such as in certain property matters, we may be able to offer extended terms of payment of our professional fees. This often assists clients in situations where one party intends to buy out his/her partner, or when the separating couple decide to sell their matrimonial home in finalisation of their matrimonial agreement. Payment of legal fees can then be made when the property is sold. These extended terms of payment are at a rate which is 15% higher than our standard hourly rates, and do not extend to “out-of-pocket” charges and costs, such as filing fees, barrister’s fees and the like.

This website provides information only and is not a substitute for legal advice.