Yvonne, Just wanted to send a token of our appreciation for everything you have done last year and again now. We are so grateful beyond words.

Love the KDJW Family, Eatons Hill.


Hi Yvonne, Collaborative Law

Just a note of thanks for handling my settlement with (my former partner), I appreciate your efforts and am content with the outcome.

I will happily recommend you to anyone needing family law advice as I think you and your staff were very professional and accommodating.

Many thanks again.


P.B., Bribie Island


Dear Yvonne, Tamara and Julie

Thank you for all your help and advice over the past 14 months. It has been invaluable and much appreciated. You ladies are an amazing team. Thanks for helping me get to my happy place.

C.D., Taigum


Yvonne, I would like to thank you so much for handling my divorce. From the day I stepped into your office you and your staff have treated me with kindness and respect. You have exceeded all of my expectations and I consider you more as a friend (a wise friend) than someone I had hired.


One thing I really remembered is when we had the very first meeting, you told me that I no longer had to worry; you would do all of the worrying from now on. I found that to be a great comfort. Every time I started to worry about an issue, you always knew how to handle it.

Your letters to the other side where firm (when required) and concise, and you always treated the other side with respect, even when I thought they didn’t deserve it.

It took a long time to resolve all the issues due to the other side holding up the process, but you were always positive. You and your team put in a massive effort to resolve all the issues, even working on the weekend to try to move the process along. I really appreciated that you were mindful of the costs involved and provided so much of your time at no charge.

I would not hesitate to recommend you to my friends.

P.H., Brisbane


Yvonne Davey provided high quality professional advice with an insightful understanding of the emotional/psychological issues that such legal counsel requires.  Yvonne was absolutely respectful, always maintaining my dignity and integrity, and had a strong grasp of the legal and moral issues associated with Family Law.

She was always readily available, generous with her time, and committed to my case.  Her attention to detail and prompt action were noteworthy. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Yvonne Davey who in my opinion will provide high quality legal representation in Family Law matters.

P.T.,  Maitland


I have the highest regard for Yvonne’s grasp of the issues underlying family law and all the implications of these issues for her clients. I consulted her on behalf of my son, who was going through a very difficult separation, which could have financially disabled him and also lost him his contact with his children. Yvonne quickly understood his situation and gave advice that ultimately helped him to not only survive the legal situation but to gain a fair outcome for himself and his children.

Yvonne’s quick understanding and clear thinking was a comfort as well as a help – it put a bit of practical sanity into what had previously seemed an impossible situation.

A. E.,  Brisbane


home_dvYvonne Davey of Davey Law provided me with practical legal advice at the time my marriage broke up. A number of issues were involved, ranging from where my young daughter would reside, to property matters and divorce. Ms Davey capably advised and supported me through the necessary Family Law paperwork and negotiation, resulting in an excellent outcome  for me, which precluded the need for litigation.

My experience with Davey Law has been very positive, and I recommend Ms Davey as a competent and compassionate Family Lawyer.

R.C., Moorooka


Divorce is something we never think will be the way our own marriages will end.  When a relationship deteriorates to that point, however, it is often the only solution.  This was the case for me in early 2005 when my husband and I had been separated for almost a year.  I hope that I never have to be in that situation again as it was, emotionally, the lowest point in my life so far.  The mammoth task of undoing the material aspect of our marriage and dividing our mutual assets seemed too daunting a task in light of the animosity between us at the time.

I had engaged a lawyer to act on my behalf, but  after almost a year had made no real progress toward an end result.  Disheartened, and having spent a large amount of money already, I ended the process and went several months without representation.  It was with trepidation that I made an appointment to see Yvonne Davey, a family law specialist , who had been recommended to me by an acquaintance. Yvonne took a very pragmatic approach and helped me to look at the process from a more detached point of view.  Getting a result  that was fair and equitable in as short a time frame as was practicable was her only focus.  Her ability to separate the emotion from this  agenda helped so much and I felt I could relax and actually believe that there was an end in sight.  This kind of faith is essential in a client-lawyer relationship as the result and the cost of getting that result impacts hugely on the future of the client.

I had a very satisfactory result within several months and avoided Family Court thanks to Yvonne’s work on my behalf.  Thank you,  Yvonne for helping me to end that ordeal and move on with my life. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Yvonne Davey to anyone who is faced with the complex issues involved in separation and divorce.

H. B.,  Brisbane


home_divorceAfter separating from my husband in 2008 I didn’t have a clue what to do next or where to go for information regarding property settlement.  I came into contact with Yvonne Davey from Davey Law, and was more than happy to engage Yvonne to act on my behalf.  I found Yvonne to be very helpful and understanding of my needs.

I didn’t want a long, drawn-out legal battle. I found Yvonne to be very prompt and very thorough while negotiating my settlement.  I would not have any hesitation referring Davey Law to anyone who needs excellent advice, from a genuine and caring law practice.

T.C., Strathpine

At the end of 2010 I made an appointment to get some legal advice from Yvonne due to the recent separation of my husband and I. At the initial visit Yvonne was compassionate and understanding of my current situation. Approximately 2 months later I visited Yvonne again and engaged her as my solicitor.

During this time Yvonne and her staff were absolutely outstanding in their ability to support me with their legal knowledge and guide me through some very emotionally distressing times. I was always guided by Yvonne and found her to be extremely professional but caring in her approach and she was always positive in her dealings.

This always assisted me to somehow see that one day there would be light at the end of the often long and dark tunnel. Yvonne helped to achieve a positive result for me and for my children preventing my situation going to trial.

Compassion and empathy are two qualities you will receive from Davey law if you engage in Yvonne and her fabulous team as your legal representatives or if just seeking advice.

I cannot speak highly enough of Yvonne and her dedicated team. If you need help or advice on Family Law I would highly recommend Davey law. They will not disappoint you.

D P, Bridgeman Downs.

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