Why Davey Law?

Why_Davey_Law_-_capableWe will capably represent your interests

Your family law matter will be supervised by the firm’s principal, Yvonne Davey, who has been practising Family Law exclusively since 1998. Whatever your family law problem might be, our staff will be able to guide and represent you in a professional and supportive manner until it is fully resolved. View a sample of client testimonials


Why_Davey_Law_-_affordableWe aim to provide real value for money

Davey Law offers an initial consultation at a greatly reduced rate to discuss your situation and explore options. The charges for further work are reasonable as Davey Law operates with low overheads and recognises that family law matters are often associated with times of financial stress.


Why_Davey_Law_-_appointmentsWe make appointments at times that suit you

We understand that some clients have difficulty in attending appointments during work hours, and therefore we are available for consultation at times that suit you, including before or after normal business hours and during weekends if necessary.


Why_Davey_Law_-_discuss_optionsWe will discuss options for resolving your family law matter

Many matters can be resolved without litigation.  We believe that alternatives such as mediation or negotiation are effective tools that can often reduce the stress, time, expense and uncertainty associated with litigated outcomes. We will identify your options, and discuss with you the implications of alternative strategies.



We keep you informed

Our firm prides itself on keeping you fully informed at every step of the process in your family law matter. We consider this to be essential, so that you know what is happening at all times and to allow you adequate time and information for sound decision-making when this becomes necessary.