Court Documents

Davey Law Home 4Whilst our practice favours the resolution of family law issues through negotiation, mediation, or collaborative lawyering whenever possible, there are some occasions when litigation becomes necessary.

To make an application to either the Federal Circuit Court of Australia, the Family Court of Australia, or the Magistrates Court of Queensland can be a daunting matter if you are without legal experience.

Just being served with court documents can be unsettling and distressing, and it can be difficult to understand what the documents mean, and what the process is in responding to such documents.

Every person is entitled to represent himself or herself in court either as an Applicant or a Respondent.

If you wish to have more understanding as to the appropriateness of self-representing, we invite you to consider our initial consultation which is charged at a reduced-fee rate. There are times when self-representation is necessary, and there are times when an Applicant or a Respondent might feel better served by retaining legal advice if the matter needs to proceed (or has already proceeded) to Court. Frank discussion with our solicitors may assist you in deciding whether or not you wish to represent yourself in court. You may decide to do this after a consultation with a family lawyer.

This website provides information only and is not a substitute for legal advice.